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Assurance Services

At Henderson Roller Partnership, we offer comprehensive audit and review engagement services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We work with you to plan and schedule the engagement while meeting all internal and external deadlines. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering precise, reliable, and insightful financial assessments prepared to help businesses make informed decisions and maintain compliance with regulatory standards including accounting standards for private enterprises (ASPE), accounting standards for not-for-profit (ASNPO), and Canadian auditing standards (CAS). Our assurance client base include private enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, and charities.

Assurance Services In Oakville

Assurance Services

Audit Services:

We perform audit in accordance with Canadian Auditing Standards where we begin with documenting and recording our understanding of your internal controls and systems. From there we identify risk areas to design the audit procedures. By conducting careful tests and analysis, we aim to offer assurance on the accuracy and fairness of your financial reporting. Our audit process involves:

  1. Risk Assessment: We identify and assess key areas of risk within your organization and the financial statements to focus our audit procedures effectively.

  2. Testing and Verification: Our team performs relevant and detailed testing of financial transactions, balances, and disclosures to ensure compliance with accounting principles and regulatory requirements.

  3. Documentation and Reporting: We provide comprehensive documentation of our findings and issue an audit report that offers valuable insights and recommendations for improvement.

Choosing our audit services can provide your business with:

  • Enhanced credibility and transparency in financial reporting.

  • Identification of internal control weaknesses and opportunities for process improvement.

  • Greater confidence for stakeholders, including investors, lenders, and regulatory bodies.

Review Engagement Services:

For businesses seeking a more limited scope of assurance, we offer review engagement services. The review engagements are also performed in accordance with Canadian Auditing Standards. The review engagements provide a level of assurance that is less extensive that of compared to the audit yet offers valuable insights into your financial performance and reporting. Key features of our review engagements include:

  1. Risk Assessment: While not as detailed analysis as the audit, we identify and assess key areas of risk within the financial statements to focus our review procedures effectively.

  2. Analytical and Inquiry Procedures: We perform analytical procedures and inquiries to obtain a reasonable basis for expressing limited assurance on your financial statements.

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