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CRA Audit Assistance

CRA audits can be a headache for any individual or business. Let us take the stress off your shoulders with our CRA Audit Assistance service. Our experts have years of experience helping clients navigate CRA audits. We'll provide you with tailored guidance on how to prepare for the audit, what documents to provide, and how to handle the audit process to get the best possible outcome.

CRA Audit Assistance In Oakville

CRA Audit Assistance

If your small business is audited by the CRA, our in-house tax compliance experts are here to help.


Worried about a CRA audit?


The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audit is a process through which the government reviews and assesses individuals' or businesses' financial records, tax returns, and other related documents to ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations. Being prepared for a CRA audit is of utmost importance for several reasons. Firstly, a thorough and organized preparation helps to ensure accurate and complete documentation, reducing the likelihood of errors or discrepancies that could trigger further investigation. Secondly, a well-prepared response demonstrates transparency and cooperation, fostering a positive relationship with the CRA and potentially leading to a smoother audit process. Additionally, being ready for an audit empowers taxpayers to understand their financial situation better, enabling them to address any potential issues proactively and potentially mitigate penalties or interest charges. Ultimately, a proactive and well-prepared approach to a CRA audit showcases a commitment to legal and ethical tax practices, safeguarding both financial interests and reputations.


The experience of being audited is certainly stressful, if not downright terrifying, but Henderson Roller Partnership can help your business get through it. We understand the auditing process and will make sure that you are prepared for everything. Once you understand what your audit involves, you will be less stressed and ready to control the situation.


We help small businesses deal with CRA audits in the following ways:



Want to get ahead of your upcoming audit? Don’t embark on the journey alone. Learn how the qualified tax professionals at Henderson Roller Partnership can help today.

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